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Accidental 50k

Last week my long run started out as an easy 20 miler. But, when I felt good around the half marathon point I changed my plan and figured I would do my first marathon. A few wrong turns and running the completely wrong way quickly turned my marathon into a 31 mile run.

Since I planned on doing an easy long run my pace was very comfortable. Even at an easy pace adding 11 miles to my furthest distance to date wasn’t something my body was ready for. Around mile 22 my energy level started to tank and my pace went from low 9 min to high 10 min. I started walking up hills to save my energy so I could make it back home. I don’t think my nutrition was the problem I think my body just wasn’t ready for that distance. During the run I had an GU Energy Gel every 3 miles and consumed plenty of water from my 2-Liter Nathan HPL #020. I even topped off the hydration pack twice during the run.

As I laid in my backyard after the run I had a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. The next day my muscles felt ok but my achilles tendonitis flared up in my right heel causing me to take 4 days completely off.  Overall, I’m very proud I was able to complete the 50k. Next time I will train and plan for that distance.


Take way lessons from my 50k.

  1. Don’t increase your longest run distance too quickly.
  2. Changing your run plan mid flight isn’t always a good idea.
  3. Getting lost can increase your mileage quickly.
  4. Even at a slower pace the wall is real and it comes quickly!
  5. Chafing can happen in very uncomfortable locations.
  6. Respect the distances.
  7. People will question your sanity.


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