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How To Run Commute

I’ve only been running regularly since January 2014. Shortly after adding running to my daily routine I wanted to try run commuting. It took a while to build my milage and prepare for my 12 mile round trip commute to work. Finally in April of this year the weather in Seattle and my milage finally aligned allowing me to start run commuting.

When people find out I run to work I get a lot of questions about how it works. In this post I’m going to explain how I run commute and hopefully encourage you to give it a try. I’m going to write another post about the gear I use.

Run Commute Prep

Backpack: Osprey Rev 18, Shoes: Hoka One One Clifton, Watch: Garmin 620, Compressport calf sleeves (normally only for sore tired mornings)

At it’s core run commuting is simple. But commuting with a small backpack does have some challenges and requires preparation. When I’ve properly planned my week my backpack only contains my morning smoothie, wallet, keys, and cell phone.

I am a software developer. So I work on a computer all day long and I need to do some work at home. Luckily I’m able to remotely access everything I need from my home computer. This allows me to leave my laptop at work which saves a ton of weight and headaches.

My office building has a shower room with lockers. This allows me to easily leave clothes at work and get cleaned up after my run in. If you don’t have a locker room at work don’t get discouraged you can still make run commuting work for you.

At work I wear dress shoes, slacks, and a button up shirt because of my employer’s dress code. To save weight in my pack I leave my shoes and belt at work. I only run commute 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). This allows me to bring my clothes on Tuesday and Thursday for the next days commute. In addition to work clothes I also bring a return set of running clothes because who wants to wear sweaty running clothes a second time.

The run home is very simple and doesn’t require any planning. On my return run my backpack contains my clothes from my morning run, wallet, keys, and cell phone. I normally leave my work clothes in my locker until the next day when I’m not running home.

Keep it simple and give run commuting a try.



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