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Burien Brat Trot 2015

On Sunday October 4th I ran the Burien Brat Trot. I ran it last year also and I wanted to see how much I’ve improved. Overall, I was really happy with my pace year. According to my Garmin my average pace was a 6:12 min/mile. Last year I got 20th place and this year I got 7th. Unfortunately this year the leader missed a turn causing the lead pack to miss a little over a quarter mile of the race.

My GPS watch shows we only ran 2.75 miles instead of the full 3.1 miles. Also I must have started my Garmin a little early or stopped it a little late because my watch time was  17:03 vs 16:52 for my chip time. If I use the distance from my watch and the time from the race I get a 6:08 min/mile pace. Which is the pace I was hoping for. Anyway enough artificial pace adjustment.

This race I learned I need to work on my pacing more. At the start I went too hard on the down hill. Going out too hard caused me to be sucking wind and hurt more at the end of the race.  My mile splits were 6:07, 6:17, and 6:11 (pace for the .75 mile). If your interested you can see my Strava data for the race here.

I wish I would have been able to run the full course and really compare the times. All I can do is try to extrapolate my pace from this year. Last year my chip time was 21:18 a 6:52 min/mile pace. If I go by my average pace from my watch (6:12 pace) I would have run a 19:15 5k. Even being a short course I’m really happy and proud of that 2 minute improvement in a year. I’m planning to run another 5k in November and get a true 5k time for the year.

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