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Review: Salomon S-LAB Hybrid Pant

I was really excited to try the Salomon S-LAB Hybrid Pant. As soon as you pick up the pants you will notice how extremely light they are. Salomon’s website says the pant weigh 80g or 2.8 oz. I was expecting Salomon’s high quality but I was blown away by the detail. When you take a look at the pants you can see all the engineering and experience that went into them.

The S-LAB Hybrid Pant is constructed of 3 different fabrics. Pertex a lightweight wind and rain resistant fabric, a stretchy fabric for better range of motion, and a mesh like fabric for breathability. I really like that Salomon added lower leg zippers that come up to nearly your knee. This allows you to get the pants on and off much easier than just a 1/4 zip. Salomon has also added lasercut holes on the back to vent out extra heat.

Even though I really like the S-LAB Hybrid Pant they do have some down falls. The $220 price tag is way to high for a pair of pants that isn’t fully waterproof and might not meet mandatory gear check requirements for some mountain ultra races. You do get what you pay for with these pants. They are the Ferrari of running pants. I look forward to features of these pants moving into lower price range products over the years.

The pants don’t have a stow pocket that allows you to stuff the pants into a compact pouch. Not having a stow pocket isn’t a big deal for a race when you wouldn’t want to take the time to pack the pants into the pocket. For just normal use if you want to put them in your backpack you have to either crumple them in a ball or fold them.

Overall, I did really like these pants but end up returning them because of the fit. Salomon calls the cut active fit. The medium in the S-LAB Hybrid Pant fits my 5′ 11” 165 lbs frame a little looser than a running tight but not quite as loose a normal pair of pants. I was looking for a pair of lightweight windproof pants that I could wear over shorts or tights when it’s cold and windy. The pants by themselves would fit great. I had some bunching with shorts under the pants when running that I didn’t like for the $220 price tag. A large might work better for my build but no local stores carry the S-LAB Hybrid Pant and I didn’t want to order another pair and have to return them again. If you want to try the pants for yourself you can purchase directly from Salomon here.


  • Lightweight
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Breathable
  • Long ankle zippers
  • No mobility restrictions


  • Price
  • Tight fit
  • No stow pocket

PRICE: 1/5
LOOKS: 4/5

TOTAL: 14/20

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