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Review: Salomon S-LAB Hybrid Jacket

I was really excited to try the S-LAB Hybrid Jacket (just like the Salomon S-LAB Hybrid Pant which you can find review of here). The jacket is made out of the same materials as the pants. These fabrics make the jacket ultra lightweight. Salomon’s website says the jacket weighs in at 90g or 3.1 oz. As usual Salomon’s high quality and engineering can be seen in this jacket.

The S-LAB Hybrid Jacket gets its lightweight wind and rain resistances from the Pertex fabric Salomon selected. The pleats in the back of the jacket allow pace for arm and shoulder movement while wearing a small backpack or hydration vest under the Hybrid Jacket.

The cuffs of the jacket have a stretch fabric designed to allow the sleeves to stay where you want them. Whether that is at your wrists or midway up your forearm the elastic cuff band works really well. The S-LAB Hybrid Jacket also has a 3/4 zip in the front. The same elastic fabric on sleeve cuffs is also around the bottom of the jacket. This stretchiness allows you to keep the bottom of the jacket where you want it and creates a belt that allows you to stuff the jacket into. So if your getting a hot and want to take it off you can unzip it take your arms out of the sleeves and tuck the top part into the elastic belt.

I purchased a medium S-LAB Hybrid Jacket. The jacket fit great when on and zipped up but I felt like I was going to rip something in the jacket when I tried to unzip the jacket and get my arms out with it still on my waist. I might be a little broader in the shoulders than your average European that the Active Fit cut this jacket was designed for.

Skin Fit Hood

I really wanted to like the Salomon S-LAB Hybrid Jacket. Skin Fit Hood which has a lightweight stretchy band in the hood to keep the hood on your head in high winds works really well. The lasercut holes around the jacket give added ventilation where you need it. My major problem was feeling like I was going to rip the ultralight jacket while removing it from my shoulders when it was still around my waist and tucking it in the waist band. I felt like a large would be too big since when zipped up the medium fit really well. Because I couldn’t justify the $250 price tag when I couldn’t use one of the nice features of the jacket I ended up returning it.

Overall, have mostly positive things to say about the Salomon S-LAB Hybrid Jacket. It simply didn’t work for me. If you are interested in a lightweight wind and water resistant jacket with some excellent features give the S-LAB Hybrid Jacket a try. You can buy the jacket directly from Salomon here.


  • Lightweight
  • Wind and water resistant
  • No mobility restrictions
  • Breathable
  • Can wear over small backpack or hydration vest


  • Price
  • Hard to remove and stow around waist

PRICE: 2/5
LOOKS: 4/5

TOTAL: 15/20

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